Futuristic Work Policies That Should Be Out There

Future-Ready and People Centric. This is what all organizations are aiming to become in order to have a happy work environment, one where growth and acceptance is commonplace. And undoubtedly, there are some great work policies that are already making peoples’ lives easier but here are few more out-of-the-box policies that could give the organization that extra edge:

  • Rewards that make a difference

Sometimes rewards go beyond the monetary, a paid holiday/vacation can boost people’s morale and help them gain exposure. Not only will the people come back to the workplace feeling refreshed, they may also come back with a different perspective on ongoing challenges.

  • Paid internal moonlighting/freelancing

Organizations should make optimum use of their multi-talented workforce. Enabling paid internal moonlighting/freelancing within the organization will ensure all individuals exercise all their creative quotients while also staying connected to the organization in this way. It’s a win-win for both the organization and the employees.

  • Organization exchange program

Exchange programs have always been successful in multiple ways, and why wouldn’t they be, individuals get experience, exposure, learnings and growth. So why should this be limited to students? If this concept was extended to individuals from non-competing organizations across functions such as agile working, project management, etc, people are sure to become more resourceful.

  • Treat layoffs and offer revoke cases similarly

Whatever be the reason behind layoffs in the organization, the employees who have lost their jobs should be treated with some compassion. Not just for folks who’ve been laid off, this courtesy should even be extended to people whose offer has been extended and then revoked. Extended ESOPs vesting period/insurance cover, including severance and compensation until the employee gets another opportunity should be mandatory.

  • Subsidized insurance for Domestic staff and pets

Pets and domestic staff being valuable and extended members of families should receive subsidized insurance so there is welfare across the household.

  • Gender Neutral policies across the board

Organizations are moving towards building more inclusive work environments, and one of the best ways to do that is to start with the basics, which means redrafting all the standard policies from a gender-neutral perspective and language. Not just policies, all official communications should be gender-neutral to ensure a future-ready workplace.

And the list can keep going. The aim is to up the bar on the definition of a great workplace. One where career, growth, high-performance, and learning cultures are a norm and not an exception, and it’s up to organizations everywhere to recalibrate and focus on people before everything else.

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